Annika at 18 months,

Aaron's version. Note the inclusion of Douglas the Seagull, a binky, a jack-o-lantern bucket, a book, and a toothbrush. She's rocking the pigtail and a butterfly t-shirt while barefoot.

She's definitely no longer a baby. She's a little girl. And we adore her. :)

World Cup Countdown!

According to the FIFA website, 12 days, 1 hour, 35 minutes. Can't wait!


Construction Waste

Clapboard Matchstick Pile

We filled a 30-yard dumpster better than 2/3 full with just the siding. The rest of the room in the dumpster is so Mama could clean house: old boxes and furniture, crap from the basement and garage.

Siding Removal

The siding was nailed on by hand. There were hundreds of nails, and each board had to be pulled off, one by one. VInny and Vinny, a father and son duo did the job. It's a ton of work, very strenuous, and the guys did it in 2 days. The noise was epic, like being under artillery fire. Here's the first part removed, on the first day.

Mouldy Shutters

We're pretty sure we removed the original siding and shutters. Underneath numerous pieces of wood we found moisture and cobwebs, like on the backs of the old shutters.

Discarded Weatherstripping

Scrap Metal

Removed from the old windows and sold for scrap. May 2010


1000 posts!

ICON has reached a milestone: 1000 posts. Actually, this is post #1002. I missed by 2. Got a little carried away with the blogging from the Flickr. :)

So, 5.5 years, 1000 posts. Quite a document. Maybe I'm going to bend the NaNoWriMo a bit in November and work on compiling and editing the blog. 5 years of ICON. And counting. :)



Annika is trying to communicate her exasperation with having already seen this episode of "What Not to Wear".

She's also shown here amongst some of our respective vices. Mine being "What Not to Wear" of course. Her vices? See those 2 binkies? One is no longer enough. And she's a big fan of that duck she's holding.

Ichiban & Claws

He sleeps in my bed, but I can't pet him. He poses beautifully though.

Rainbow over Cambria

2 actually. See the bonus rainbow, upper left?

Wet Tulip

Blown open during the storm.

Trapped Bee

You can see the hairs on the bee's body. And the specifications about my camera lens in the upper right hand side.

Angel Light & Houses

Marina's House, Valencia, Venezuela. May 2005. Edited in Photoshop May 2010.

Memorial Day Flag

So I was walking at the Cemetery with Annika and I stopped to enjoy the light. I looked all around me, 360 degrees, looking for my shot. I've been finding lately that when I know the light is right, I just need to stop and keep looking until I find it. That's how I got "Fairy Shadow" a few entries below, while shooting just before a thunderstorm.

And that's how I found this. A perfect laser beam of sunlight perfectly illuminated the flag in front of this gravestone. Like a spotlight. And it felt like someone was trying to get my attention. :)

I shot a few frames, and it's a tricky shot, so I think I'm still working on it. But this is a start.

Stroller & Gravestones

Something to tell her therapist about someday.

Blowing Bubbles

Brenda & Annika, May 2010


2010-04-10 Amity photographing

I'm a little slow, like a month or so. :) April morning in Dixfield.

Fairy Shadow

While out photographing during a spring storm, I snapped this fairy shadow in the back garden.


Kiki & Daddy

Laughing together, April 2010.

On Daddy's Shoulders

Aaron and Annika, out walking on our street, April 2010.

Walking with Douglas

Annika is a bold little walker these days. And like her mother, she's always barefoot. She loves walking in the grass, but she also enjoys the different textures in the cement sidewalks, the flagstone path, and the mulch (which we have to chase her out of). Here she is marching toward the house with her stuffed seagull, Douglas. Age 17 months.

Good Dental Hygiene

After trying countless teething tools and devices, Annika has refused all but her binkies and her toothbrushes. She asks to brush her teeth. And she hollers at me when I take away her toothbrush. Like, stomped her foot and shrieked at me yesterday. I guess I shouldn't complain. But I'm going to have to give the kid just a little bit of grief when she gets her first cavity.

September Spider

This is from late last summer, but I'm feeling it I swear I've been doing a lot of shooting. No time lately to do much with it though. One of these days :) For now, enjoy the spider!



Pigtail!, originally uploaded by jessica_beagan.

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