The Hooter

This signal buoy makes a plaintive wail every minute or so, and a small red light blinks on top. It also turns out that "The Hooter" is a pretty good spot for fishing. We saw schools of bluefish breaching the surface, and the boys pulled in many of them, along with sea bass, fluke, and dogfish. The weather was changeable, amazing shifts in color and tone. I've been paying attention to the fishing, and how it works. I'll be ready to start pulling in my own fish soon.

Yacht Cleat

Design inspiration. These cleats that tie up a boat also are used as a drawer pull.


The fish survived.

Gray Water

Brad and Mike

Angry Dogfish

This shark-like fish has a vicious kick.


The first dogfish spiked Brad's arm.


Ever wonder what happens when helium balloons are released?

Sea Bass

Mike caught a 24" sea bass tonight. Not sure the weight yet, but here he is with the fish.

Reeling In

Impressionist Homage

I've been reading Stokstad's Art: A Brief History because I teach from it and there's plen ty in there I need to learn more about. I'm teaching a unit on Impressionism next week, and found myself shooting a very Monet-like photograph. It's the Block Island Ferry, perhaps the last one of the night.

Mast as Anchor

Long exposures as we motored in to Point Judith tonight. The lights on this boat's mast look almost like an anchor.


Weekend on the Cape

Camped, went to the beach, saw whales. Hung out in Provincetown. Read a good book about the recovery of a pirate ship wreck off the coast of Wellfleet, the Whydah.

Hung out with the Burke Wildmans, cousin BK Lang, Miss E Fetherston from Florida, with an entourage including Tanya, and Miss H Rose of San Francisco, Eric Brazer, hookman extraordinaire, and the westward bound Carson Maxted. Good people.

Loved everything about the weekend.

Click on the picture to get to the set in Flickr, more whales, and some fishy and campy debauchery.

And yeah, I meant the puns.


5 Days in 3

I tried to get 5 days worth of work into the first three of this week, so I can take off the weekend to Cape Cod for camping. I got alot accomplished, but not enough so that I can actually be off work. We had some upgrades to Breeze, the live chat software we use for conducting classes online at CTU and the system has been down for 2 days. So I have a chat to make up and some assignments to grade between now and Friday. I might get to chill on Saturday, but when I get back on Sunday there'll be another chat to make up and another assignment to grade.

When I had to text message Burkie to find out if there's wifi at the campground, it indicated to me that I might be a little bit overcommitted. Or at least overly-wired. Part of the issue of course are the technical issues with Breeze, but I would have had something I needed to do with or without live chat issues.

At any rate, fun will commence soon, even if I do have to punctuate it here and there with work. I'll post pix by Sunday.


Pole Dancing!

After a moment's trepidation when we first arrived, Melissa, Kristen, and I soldiered on and attended our first of five classes on pole dancing. Yes, that kind of pole dancing. It is SUCH a workout. Great for the upper body. And it could come in handy at an Amateur Night one of these days. At any rate, it's super fun and our smokin' hot 52-year old instructor is terrific. Yes, she's really 52, and she looks amazing.

I'll keep you posted.


First of Many More

As a new business identity, Crafted Spaces closed its first job today. We got the cabana/bathroom job!!!! I got the deposit check today, and made an appointment with the clients for a week from today to go over layouts and floorplans, colors and materials.

We are definitely in business now. Such a good feeling. I can't wait for the next job, and to dive into this one.


And We're Off!

Mike called at 9 am. He and Ryan had booked the first estimate for Crafted Spaces for 3 pm. A cabana renovation into a full outdoor bath. So we went, and tonight I'm drafting an estimate.

Wish us luck!


Week Ahead

Time to buckle down. I've been on vacation for the past few weeks and now it's time to get back to work.

Had a great weekend: party in Boston Friday night at Trish's place, day of recovery Saturday, up late again Saturday night, day of recovery Sunday.

I wasn't this bad at 21.

So this week the new term begins again at CTU. The folks are back from vacation, and Dad's got a busy week at court, so plenty of work to do there. And Mike and I are going to get started on Crafted Spaces, now that the July 4th holiday is past. We both also need to figure out our respective living situations, and whether or not we're going to be housemates.

To be honest, I'm fretting slightly about my condo not selling yet. I want to move on from there. But as long as I still own real estate, I'm tied to it logistically.

If I'm moving September 1, I need to start thinking about my living situation now. But there are so many contingencies. If I can't sell the place by September, I'm going to need to rent it out in order to pay rent elsewhere. That is, unless the folks decide to wait until Spring to start building the new house, and I can stay here into the winter without worrying about rent until the condo does sell.

I don't intend to return to Chicago, and don't want to have to do so. I'm just starting to find my way here.

It will all work out. Sometimes things just take time.


poached eggs for good habits, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

Cooked and photographed by Amity.


Late Night Return

The boys cleaning the boat at night. We went out this evening despite the small craft advisory. The waves were rolling and the ride was soaking as we skipped across the waves like a flat stone.

I have been dying for some sort of motorized ride that was too fast for the prevailing conditions. Last summer might have been a motorcycle ride. Tonight, it was a 23 foot boat in 8 foot seas.

Good times.

Wild Roses in Antique Bottles

My new collection containing fresh blooms clipped from the decades-old rosebushes in the yard here at the Gaspee House.


"Abuela" Sunglasses

after the beach, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

I never take them off.

Just in from the beach with Amity, Carolyn, Emily, and Kyle. We had a terrific breakfast: yogurt or cottage cheese, fresh fruit, and hot biscuits. Then we headed over to catch an hour of sun before heading to Aimee and Anthony's wedding.

Amity was my "date" and she shot a ton of really wonderful pictures of my family. I normally hide behind the lens, so it's rare that there are actually pictures of me. I posted a few along with shots of the Beagans celebrating.

Speaking of celebrating, today is the 4th of July, and this year marks the second wedding amongst my cousins on this date. Brenda and Shawn married 6 years ago on this day. Turns out BOTH couples' first date was on the 4th of July in 1996. Ergo the wedding dates.

Anyway, it was a good day. No fireworks though, rained out.

No problem. They'll reschedule.

My Cousins

at the beach, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

I went over to the parents' house this morning to take care of the dog, and I found Carolyn and Emily snuggled up on the couch. Amity shot this picture earlier, before Kyle got up.

It made my day to see my younger cousins, sisters, snuggled up and grinning in my living room.

Walking In

The Bride and Groom

amy and anthony, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

Aimee and Anthony Ambrosino.

flower girls

flower girls, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

Christine's daughters, Alyssa and Samantha.

beane and beagan

beane and beagan, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

I threatened to introduce her as my "girlfriend" but no one would have bought it. My and my fabulous "date" at Anthony's wedding.

A Rare Portrait

pensive jess, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

By Amity.


beagans, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

Uncle Dan, Auntie Dot, Auntie Dianne, Dad. We're missing Mary.

jessi and kit

jessi and kit, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

Mom and me, by Amity.

jessi n joe

jessi n joe, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

My dad and me, by Amity.

mike n kit

mike n kit, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

My brother and mother, by Amity.

My Street

sunset, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

By Amity.


A Break!!

CTU Final Grades for 0702B are posted. Whew! I made the deadline. I've got the week until the new term begins on Sunday. No grades, no chats. Woo hoo!

And just in time too. My cousins arrive tonight instead of tomorrow and the house needs some attention. The blinds are all up and the windows flung open. Plus it's another gorgeous day at the beach. Amity is puttering around, making lunch and picking flowers and tidying the house. We have laundry to do too.

And the holiday tomorrow.


The Perfect Handstand

She did it! And I shot it! The light was low and it was a challenge. For both of us.

Beach Gymnastics

Somebody had a liiiiiiittle too much energy this evening. Amity seeking to achieve the perfect handstand on the beach. She also turned cartwheels. Not bad for a woman of our advanced years ;)

Rogue Wave!

We both shrieked. Amity turning a cartwheel and we got hit by a wave. It's not "The Deadliest Catch" or anything, but we got a surprise.


Amity's head and my dress got wet.

Big Wave

Believe it or not, we went in the water not long after I shot this. Like as in swimming. The whole way in. It's July now after all.

Entering the Beach

Amity arriving at Scarborough.


Leftover from the day. It's gone now.

jessi la jardiniere

jessi la jardiniere, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

Amity shot this picture of me watering my garden this afternoon.

Hammock from Venezuela

hammock from venezuela, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

My hammock is back and in the turret room! There are 8 windows to open and the breeze is sublime. Perfect for an afternoon nap.

Sunset over Hills Parkway

Mom and Amity and I had dinner here on Friday night. This was the sunset.

Fishing off Point Judith

Brad fishing. We had "family day" on the boat on Sunday: Brad, Mike, Neil, Dino, Emily, Shannon, Kassidy, and me. On a 23 foot boat. A good day.

"Blue Steel"

Mike wearing Emily's sunglasses.


Kassidy crawling over my legs in the bow of the boat.

On the Gaffe

It ain't pretty, but it's fishing. Here's a bluefish.


The fluke weren't biting, and we had to pick up the girls, so we returned to the inside of the gap at Point Judith where the bluefish were biting. You can tell since that's where the seagulls are. The boys quickly pulled in a few of them to use as bait.


Part Sith, part Unibomber: Miss Kassidy, wearing her auntie Shannon's sweatshirt over her life vest.

Emily & Shannon

They know what they were doing ;)

Bleeding the Fluke

In order for this delicate white fish, similar to sole, to be considered sushi-grade, the fluke needs to be bled as soon as it's caught.


Cottage Garden

My garden kicks your garden's ass.

Bird on a Wire

Sparrows. You'll notice a theme in past blog entries. Birds follow me. We've been watching the fledglings feeding in their nest above the door to the Gaspee House, all big mouths and squawking.

Sun & Clouds

These massive puffy clouds roll in down here on lovely days, and graze across the sky. When the sun is out it gets warm, and it cools as much when the sun is blocked.