Heinous Pink Bathroom

Original post, 5/20/08:

I'm very excited about the new house, but I'm really worried about the stupid pink bathroom. I feel like I'm inside a stomach whenever I turn the light on in there. Aaron assures me that we can gut the damned thing at some point, but I'm torn between trying to make it work, and trying to figure out the exact quantity of plastic explosives it would take to obliterate the pinkness without damaging the adjacent rooms.

This room reminds me of the old adage about taking one thing off before you leave the house. Pink floors, pink walls and shower and tub, pink sink, pink toilet. W.T.F.??? Here are the "highlights", God help us.

2008-05-14  BotCon, Cambria Inspection Pix 062

These built-ins are really the best feature.

2008-05-14  BotCon, Cambria Inspection Pix 058

The sink is so old it's actually interesting, with a built-in faucet spout between the hot and cold water taps. But it's too close to the color of the walls without being close enough. Again, if it were just the sink, or just the walls, it might not be so offensive.

2008-05-14  BotCon, Cambria Inspection Pix 059

Bad lighting, yes, and my computer is being a douche-bag so I can't edit anything in PhotoShop. But seriously, no amount of PhotoShop could diminish the pinketude.

2008-05-14  BotCon, Cambria Inspection Pix 060

The fish cover on the toilet seat indicates the decor is geared more toward a kid than an adult. But if an 8 year-old girl needs to tone down the pink, there's clearly an overdose going on.

2008-05-14  BotCon, Cambria Inspection Pix 057

The floor is actually not so terrible, but it's got a big crack in the middle of it further into the room so it's gotta go.

2008-05-14  BotCon, Cambria Inspection Pix 063

A detail of the Pepto-Bismol-on-Salmon two-tone tile goodness. It's actually a very professional tile job.

That said, we might actually keep the wall tile, which extends into the shower surround as well. A white tub cover, a new white toilet, white pedestal sink, small white hexagonal tile on the floor, and some new wall color might just work. Believe it or not, I'm thinking chocolate brown. I know pink and chocolate brown are ultra-trendy right now, but seriously, if you can think of something better, I'm totally open to ideas. The advantage to doing brown paint and accents like towels or a shower curtain is that it's easily changed later. The fixtures will be neutral enough and the wall tile keeps a reference to the 1950's vintage of the house. We'll replace the light fixtures and the medicine cabinet too.

Postscript, 7/31/08: God help me, I've made the pink bathroom work. I need to snap some pix and post once it's done, but the brown is REALLY helping. Brown valances, brown shower curtain, wooden bathmat, brown towels, large natural dark wood woven trash can, etc. I think we'll hold off on brown paint, as the white is working. Just need some art on the walls and I can handle it. For now.

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Derek Weber said...

That bathroom is so you!!

I was browsing through various profiles and realized I hadn't looked at any of yours for quite a long time!

Happy Marriage! Happy House Purchase!

Hope all continues to go well for you. :-)